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Vetor Contracting Services

Our marine maintenance services are designed to address the unique challenges waterfront properties face. Whether you require routine maintenance or complex repairs, Vetor Contracting has the capabilities and experience to deliver results.

•  Stop Log Installation and Removal
•  Traveling Water Screens & Debris Removal
•  Diver Assisted Dredging, Jetting, and Airlifting
•  Non-Destructive Cleaning Utilizing Cavitation
•  Potable Water Storage Facilities Repairs
•  Underwater Welding, Cutting, and Burning
•  Epoxy Injection & Concrete Spalls and Cracks
•  Pile Jacket and Encapsulation & Bridge Substructures
•  Intake/Outfalls, Fabrication/Coatings, Locks/Dams
•  Cathodic Protection Systems Construction
•  Installation of Valves, Sluice Gates, and Water Screens
•  Coffer Dam Installation/Removal & Concrete/Grout Placement
•  Pipeline Installation & Structural Reinforcement Placement

Surveys & Inspection Support

Vetor Contracting Services

Vetor Contracting offers detailed surveys and inspection support services to ensure the structural integrity of marine properties, including piers, bridges, dock walls, and moorings. Our inspections cover a wide range of areas, from interior and exterior pipe inspection to QA/QC for underwater construction projects.

•  Detailed Inspection of Piers, Bridges, Dock Walls, Moorings, etc.
•  Interior and Exterior Pipe Inspection
•  QA/QC for Underwater Construction Projects
•  Water Influent and Effluent Control Structures
•  Trash Racks, Bar Screens, and Traveling Water Screens
•  Potable Water Tanks and Clear Wells
•  Bridge and Scour Surveys
•  Inland Waterway Infrastructure

vetor divers inspection

Advanced Testing

Vetor Contracting Services

Vetor Contracting employs advanced testing methods to ensure the reliability and safety of marine structures. Our testing services include ultrasonic thickness measurements, non-destructive testing (NDT), concrete and timber coring, metal detection techniques, and ground-penetrating radar.

At Vetor Contracting, our commitment to precision, expertise, and safety ensures that your marine maintenance, inspection, and testing needs are met with the highest level of professionalism. We are dedicated to preserving the functionality and longevity of your waterfront assets, whether they are docks, piers, bridges, or community lakes. Choose Vetor Contracting for reliable and comprehensive marine services that ensure your waterfront property remains in excellent condition.